Issue 097 Autumn 2020 edition

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097 Autumn 2020

See that face down below, that’s how I see myself as the tick tocking of the clock gets louder and faster the nearer we get to our print deadline…. but no, this is not a portrait of me (phew), rather, it’s one of Mow Skwoz’s brilliant pieces of artwork; Mow’s the ‘chosen one’ we’ve profiled in the Inside Information section. There’s barely been an issue gone by where we haven’t interviewed a visual artist and judging by some of the amazing album covers we’re seeing these days, I don’t see the section coming to an end anytime soon. I always feel a little sad that so much stunningly imaginative and proficient artwork is either missed these days as people snatch a song or two digitally, forfeiting a brush with a physical thing entirely, or sad just down to the fact that CD format is too bloomin’ small to do so much of it the justice it deserves. Then I started thinking about printing up posters, but does anyone even want a poster these days – presumably not, we’re probably all a bit long in the tooth for sticking posters on our bedroom walls…. Or are we? You tell me, I don’t bloody know. Wallpaper?

Anyway, other than getting all misty eyed about the demise of tangible things, I can also share with you that we have put together something of a full edition again, with Enslaved taking to the cover once more, this time to talk about their eighth full-lengh album Utgard. We’re also chuffed to welcome Dayal Patterson – author of various critically acclaimed black metal books including ‘Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult’ – to the ZT fold as he nobly stepped up to interview Ivar Bjørnson for us in London before Lockdown put a stop to proper human contact…. and the release of the band’s album, which was delayed, until now (well almost depending on when you’re reading this!).

So enjoy the mahoosive feature starting on page 010 and all the rest – there’s plenty to read about, but you know that already so I’ll sign off until the next issue, due out on Halloween – wooooooooooooo.

Lisa Macey

CD covermount tracklist 18 tracks including new music from Hellripper, Serpent Omega, Venomous Concept, Mercyless, Putrid Offal and more!

Propaganda News, Maze Of Torment crossword, playlists

Cover Feature Enslaved

Notes From Underground | Welsh Black Metal
Revenant Marquis | Pembrokeshire Black Circle

Dark Entries | Dark Ambient & Experimental Repository
Chiang Valley Liberators | Laima Vox | The Soft Pink Truth

Imperial Triumphant | Atramentus | Incantation | Uada | The Infernal Sea | Polymoon | Napalm Death & Venomous Concept | Skeletal Remains | Panzerfaust | Ingested | Carnation | Onslaught | Heathen | Oceans Of Slumber | The Ocean | Ihsahn

A Funeral Inquest | The Doom Repository
Eremit | Deathnoisefrequency | Crystal Spiders | Tomorrow’s Rain

Altars Of Madness | Underground Death Metal
Bombs Of Hades | Black Curse | Centinex | Ourtenance | Kurnugia | Void Ceremony

Rapid Fire | Short Sharp Shocks!
Expander | Hellripper | Zetra | Over The Voids | Kataklysm | Gaerea | Cytotoxin | Serpent Omega | Impure | Plague Years | Shed The Skin | Iselder | Selbst | Vlack | Mercyless | Sadokist | Rogga Johansson | Darkened | Human Impact | Decrepid | Meurtrieres | Werewolves | Bear Mace | Eye Of Nix | Dynfari | Bastard Priest | Sarpa

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Inside Information | Behind The Scenes
Artist Profile
Mow Skwoz
Call From The Grave Venom
View From The Bunker Alan ‘Nemtheanga’ Averill’s column

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