Issue 095 Spring 2020 edition

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095 Spring 2020

Now more than ever, we’re in need of a little escapism. which is what we’re offering with issue 095 of Zero Tolerance Magazine. Escapism for you the reader, but also, now more than ever, support for all the bands, labels, artists, publicists, writers, booking agents, promoters – dare I say it…. publishers – the list goes on, after all, the music industry is a complicated, complex beast. So much relies on the listener staying engaged, and at a time when tours and festivals are being cancelled left, right and centre, with some releases waiting it out till later in the year in the hope that things will have returned to some kind of normal – when we’re socially distancing ourselves from even those we’re closest to in many cases, we hope that you will keep your connection to extreme music constant as we continue to publish ZT every two months… despite the fact that we’re in A GLOBAL PANDEMIC!!! I was going to try and avoid saying it as it just makes it all the more real, but that’s it folks – armageddon is trying its best to have a go, but we won’t be defeated! So onward we’ll trudge over the coming months. We run a home office, so aside from regular interruptions from smallish people now the schools are closed, it’s the norm for us, and we’re not that sociable either, so that’s a couple of boxes ticked before we started – and with all our distribution channels open, it looks like there’s no stopping us…. HOWEVER it goes without saying that now is a prudent time for you to buy a subscription to the magazine, which will not only save you some money on shop prices, but it will be delivered right through your letterbox, so there is absolutely no need to leave your bunker to keep up with issues! We even do a mini three-issue subscription which should see you through the worst of it – go to to order. We’re all for supporting traditional retailers who dare to open, so if you are venturing out – hazmat suit or not – you should find us lurking around on a dusty shelf…
One thing that’s quite curious – or maybe a bit eerie this issue is that all the interviews were carried out right before covid-19 really took hold outside of Wuhan, so you’re reading a little snapshot from a time that we were so accustomed to we couldn’t ever imagine it changing, and that time, how things were, might never return. How’s that for a cheery thought then? One wonders what Lemmy would have made of it all? He’d probably have shrugged with an almightily sardonic ‘fuck it!’. The music industry has a habit of adapting/evolving, so let’s hope it can rise to the challenge ahead – we’ll be doing our bit. So on that note, dear reader, keep well, look out for others and remember, we’ll all be killed by death in the end… just hopefully not before our time (how can that even be quantified? See, there’s a long and time-zapping philosophical debate to have while you’re self-isolating). Carpe diem.

Lisa Macey

CD covermount tracklist 16 tracks including Aurora, Thanatos, Abysmal Dawn, Beggar, Katatonia, Benighted and more

Propaganda News, Maze Of Torment crossword, playlists

Cover Feature My Dying Bride

Katatonia | Ihsahn | Hellhammer | Tombs | The Black Dahlia Murder | Regarde Les Hommes Tomber | Intronaut | Testament | Benighted | Dark Fortress | Forndom | Saltas | Perdition Temple | Enepsigos | Disbelief | Dool

Altars Of Madness | Underground Death Metal
Thanatos | Maere | Solothus | Necrophiliac | Trauma | Exhumation

A Funeral Inquest | The Doom Repository
Randy Holden | Marrowfields | Weed Demon

Notes From Underground | Scottish Black Metal
Khaar | Úir | Sluagh

Dark Entries | Experimental Sounds
New Risen Throne | Sightless Pit

Rapid Fire |Short Sharp Shocks!
Ulcerate | Sammath | Drown | Sweven | Blasphemer | Abhomine | Dripback | Telepathy | Tethra | Suidakra | Blood And Sun | The Medea Project | Insect Ark | King Witch | Warped Cross | Sons Of A Wanted Man | Wombbath | Death The Leveller | Svart Crown | Tulus | Agvirre | Titaan | Nils Patrik Johansson | Korgonthurus | Psychotic Waltz

Moving Targets
Live Reviews

Inside Information
Label Profile Les Acteurs des l’Ombre
Artist Profile Alexander Held

Call From The Grave and Alan Averill’s View From The Bunker column will be back next issue.

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