Issue 093 Nov/Dec edition

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Issue 093 – Nov/Dec edition

I really do like the results of a good photoshoot – it’s such a relief when bands deliver a great set of promo shots – as below, and Profanatica’s latest example (which coupled with their album cover artwork strangely reminds me of the Dorrie The Little Witch series of childrens’ books – which is an unintentionally good thing, I’m not taking the piss, I spent hours poring over those when I was small). Anyway, back to my point if you can call it that, we’re in a world where imagery matters – or at least, where image is prevalent and shapes a viewer’s preconceptions about x, y and z – especially with all the Instagram nonsense that even the best of us have fallen under the spell of (not me though, it’s far too perplexing for my brain!). My heart literally sinks when we have a bunch of contenders for the cover and the choice of band shots is, well, let’s say limited in the interests of being polite. You can see the dilemma can’t you – I mean, you get a band with the sort of status that Nile has – yes, Nile, I’m looking at you – the potential for a cover story is there…. have an obligatory butchers at the selection of possible cover shots (no chance of arranging our own shoot as the members are here, there and bloomin’ everywhere) and the list of possible cover artists diminishes by one…. Promo shots aside, it is great to see said band back with a renewed energy, detectable in Calum Harvie’s interview with a confident and forthright sounding Karl Sanders. I was listening to Catacombs… up loud on a car journey the other day for the first time in aeons and if the band’s latest effort evokes even a small sense of that (masterpiece?) then it’s worth more than a couple of spins… We did also struggle a little with the photographs provided to accompany our Mayhem cover too – and so it was just VERY fortunate really that the task of discussing their new album landed with that old diamond in the rough Necrobutcher, which helped with the photo selection – and it is absolutely my pleasure to present the results of a sprawlingly personal conversation between he and José Carlos Santos – seriously, it’s impossible to not get drawn into the Mayhem universe as you traverse the discussion… Enjoy it, and we’ll see you again on New Year’s Eve! Happy Yuletide…

Lisa Macey

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