Issue 092 Sep/Oct edition

Issue 092 – Sep/Oct edition

This issue marks our 15th year of publication – that’s quite a feat in this day and age, especially for a magazine that is both niche and independently published… so thank you to all our readers, writers, advertisers and collaborators in general – it’s been a blast and in true ZT style, we’ll keep on trying to make every issue better than the last in some small way…. Which I think is probably one of the secrets to our survival – we haven’t stagnated nor bowed down to short-lived trends for a quick buck. Anyway, issue 100 is firmly in our sights and we hope you’ll stick around and keep reading us long into the future.

Staying in the present for now, I’m pretty sure this this issue’s selection of features will give you plenty to pore over as we work on the next edition (*looks at schedule: Nov/Dec issue – WTF!?*) – our dedicated army of writers have delivered an abundance of carefully constructed words from their conversations with some of the most interesting and enigmatic individuals in extreme music – and as always, they’re packaged up in the attractive little bundle you’re holding in your hands, which is – again – a bumper edition as we’ve given you extra pages this time round – not to mention a bloody good covermount CD to listen to as well.

And by the time we publish our next issue, dear reader – which is due out just before Halloween – it’s likely, though still not definite at the time of writing, that the UK will no longer be a member of the EU. Whatever eventually happens, ZT will, of course, still be available to our European readers on subscription and also on the newsstand; the sky will no doubt still be intact on November 1st, and we’ll continue to get overwhelmed by the sheer weight of releases from all the excellent European labels we work closely with across the continent – of which we will remain a part of regardless, unless an undersea volcanic eruption pushes our fair isle even further out into the Atlantic ocean. To many, ZT offers escapism from the daily grind, and that’s where our thoughts are – so it’s business as usual for us – we’ve got new releases to listen to so we can get issue 093 ready for you!

Lisa Macey

CD covermount tracklist 16-killer tracks including 1349, Mortem, Formicarius and more
Propaganda News, Maze Of Torment Crossword, playlists
Cover Feature 1349

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Altars Of Madness | Underground Death Metal section
Rogga Johansson/Paganizer | Cerebral Rot | Undergang | Visceral Disgorge | Sempiternal Dusk | Lord Gore

A Funeral Inquest | The Doom Repository
Isole | Cult Of Sorrow

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Striborg | Tenebrae In Perpetuum | Vermilia

Dark Entries  | The Dark Ambient & Experimental Repository
Muur | Kollaps | Llyn Y Cwn

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Moving Targets
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Inside Information | Behind The Scenes 
Label Profile Maggot Stomp
Call From The Grave Mercyful Fate
Artist Profile Eliran Kantor
View From The Bunker Alan ‘Nemtheanga’ Averill’s column

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