Issue 091 Jul/Aug 2019

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Over sixty – yes 60 – bands were interrogated during the making of this issue – and that’s just interviews – if you add in all the reviews and general tomfoolery that has been compiled for issue 091 then you’ll understand why we’ve made this edition a whole 16 pages bigger than usual, taking our total pagination up to a hefty 116 pages. You will notice also that the cover price of ZT has increased along with this issue – happily though it’s not so hefty as the increase in pages – we’re still under a fiver if you pick us up on the newsstand and LESS THAN THAT IF YOU SUBSCRIBE (consider yourselves nagged on that front!). A nice take-home is that moving forward, we’ll aim to add extra pages as we have done this time around as often as we can. You should notice as you read on that we’ve also tweaked various sections this issue, adding to some with – as a small example – the reintroduction of Maze Of Torment in the news section; for those who recall, our MoT crossword had a turbulent past as it was included so inconsistently, but it’s back with a vengeance and will be a feature in the news section for the foreseeable – it’s just a bit of fun though, and you’ll find the solutions on our (new) website. Yes, new website. It is also with great relief that I can say we’ve finally found the will and the time to overhaul the ZT website, so alongside news stories, exclusive streams, features and such like, it’s also the first port of call for details about the magazine itself – i.e. where we’re distributed, what dates we’re due onsale (and whether there are any anticipated delays), distribution information etc., so make sure you bookmark us and don’t rely on our social media for this sort of information – a lot of time and effort has been taken to make a really clean and user-friendly website, and we plan to make the most of it as our ‘shop window’.

Did I just manage to not mention that we’ve got Abbath on the cover of this, our 91st edition? Yes, but you’ve got the magazine in your hands so you know that already (yes, yes, I’ve recycled this paragraph from last issue). You’re in for a treat as good old Calum Harvie entered the weird yet wonderful life of the ever-charismatic Olve Eikemo, so enjoy it and the rest of what’s before you this time round.

Lisa Macey


CD covermount tracklist 16-killer tracks including Abbath, Misery Index and more
Propaganda News, Maze Of Torment Crossword, playlists
Cover Feature Abbath

Sabaton | Nocturnus AD | Ares Kingdom | Memoriam | Panzerfaust | Sacred Reich | Thenighttimeproject | Délétère | The Meads Of Asphodel | Slough Feg | Pinkish Black | SunnO)))

Altars Of Madness | Underground Death Metal section
Beheaded | Fetid | Nucleus | Encoffination | Winterwolf | Birdflesh

A Funeral Inquest | The Doom Repository
Slomatics | Glare Of The Sun | Grief Collector

Notes From Underground  | Unearthing Filipino Black Metal
Deiphago | Incarion | Ancient World

Dark Entries  | The Dark Ambient & Experimental Repository
Viviankrist | Aaron Martin | Aprilmen

Rapid Fire | Short Sharp Shocks!
Amulet | Celestial Grave | Consecration | Firespawn | Damin | Albez Duz | Ripped To Shreds | All Hell | Defixion | Eradikator | Black Crucifixion | Lingua Ignota | Encoffinized | Critical Mess | Per Wiberg | The Mariana Hollow | Kull | Tronos | Lord Dying | Sadistic Ritual | Twin Temple | Botis | Temple Of Koludra | Korukuma | Howling Sycamore | Murg | Hex

Moving Targets
Live Reviews & ZT sponsored show listings

Inside Information | Behind The Scenes 
Label Profile Holy Roar Records
Behind The Scenes Vows Of Silence
Call From The Grave Bathory
Artist Profile Marianna Plasse
View From The Bunker Alan ‘Nemtheanga’ Averill’s column

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