Issue 051 - Feb/Mar 2013


Issue 051 - Feb/Mar 2013“If you form a band just to express your ego, then you lose the game, my friend.”

Sage advice from the true sages of black metal, Rotting Christ. For 25 years now, this Greek institution’s been through thick and thin: the bloody rise of black metal, shaping its future, watching it wane, pushing both its progression and purity, and persevering through it all, never once letting the quality of their vision dip one iota. Kinda like Zero Tolerance on that last point, eh? Fitting, then, that they receive the royal treatment as cover stars of issue 051. In an exhaustive six-page spread, Will Pinfold goes ‘there and back again’ with founding frontman Sakis Tolis.

But issue 051 of Zero Tolerance is filled with a lot more – A TON more, in fact. Our intrepid ZT crew digs in deep with the likes of Darkthrone, Voivod, Portal, Mourning Beloveth, Fen, Imprecation, and a whole host more, as well as a very special interview with artist Phillip Lawvere, who’s likely responsible for more than a few of your favorite old-school album covers. Of course, this issue also features our regular (and popular) sections specifically focusing on underground black metal, power electronics/noise, and crust/hardcore punk, and of course our ‘Rapid Fire’ section, where you get to read about tomorrow’s heaviest hitters today. But the icing on the already decadent cake comes in the form of seven-page special on the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, courtesy of all-around lifer Chris Kee. An important primer for today’s generation, but bets are that that you’ll learn plenty – and more – thanks to our man Chris!

The year’s starting off with a big BANG. Don’t run for cover, though – open up the issue and indulge in our exemplary explosions and a FREE 17-track covermount CD featuring new tracks from Rotting Christ, Darkthrone, Necrowretch, a horde of gems from the depths of the underground, and the rest! All this for a mere £3.75, or less still if you sign up to receive ZT direct to your door at our new, lower subscription rates!


Following our online reader questionnaire in 2012, where we were overwhelmed by a massive response and exceptionally positive comments overall, we have listened to the readers, relatively small in number as they were, who struggle a little with the font in places. Issue 051 sees the introduction of a brand, spanking new main body font, one which has been specially designed for its clarity, and we think it makes quite a notable difference to the text, particularly for light text on a dark background – which is one of its particularly strong points.  Over coming issues we’ll be making a few other changes in this way to ensure those of us whose eyesight ain’t what it used to be don’t struggle to read Zero Tolerance!
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Issue 051 hits the streets on 7 February. Please note that due to a mechanical failure at the printers we use, some copies may take an extra day to appear in-store. 

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