Introducing Manchester’s Vice

Manchester’s Vice joined us on issue 092‘s ZT covermount CD, so we spoke to guitarist/vocalist Tom (Aki) Atkinson as the band prepared to hit the road on tour with Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens’ The Three Tremors.

With our second album we are writing about a variety of topics and modern day issues, depending on what inspires us at that point in time.”

ZT: Where do you come from, what’s in your band name, and who are your band members
TA: Vice is a three-piece thrash/power metal band based in Greater Manchester. I don’t think anyone can fully remember the origins of the band’s name. Members are: Tom (Aki) Atkinson, guitars / lead vocals; Aiden Lord, bass guitar / backing vocals; Connor Summers, drums.

Where are you going musically?
“Our music comprises of the influences of all three band members. Our debut album The First Chapter was a concept based around the seven deadly sins. With our second album we are writing about a variety of topics and modern day issues, depending on what inspires us at that point in time. Myself and Aiden tend to write riffs and demos and bring them to rehearsal where we all work collectively until we are happy.

Who /what influences your music?
We all have a wide range of influences including Megadeth, Lamb Of God, Dream Theater, Gojira, Meshuggah and Rammstein and we try and mix all of our influences into our own style of music. I guess that’s what makes the ‘Vice’ sound. Having been a three piece band for the last two years we find there is more space in the music for everyone to express themselves more and play in a busier style without overcrowding the arrangement or vocals”

Why did you select the track included on the ZT covermount to represent you? Tell us a little bit about it – what’s it about, how does it fit in with the rest of your album?
Web Of Iniquity is the last track on the debut album and the only song that isn’t related directly to one of the seven sins. The original idea behind this song was based on tortured sinners not being at rest and stuck in a void between Heaven and Hell.

And the recording process…
We tend to get all of the demos up to the level where Connor can go into the studio and use the guitar tracks to record the drums. From there we all go back into the studio to re-record the guitars, bass and vocals to ensure they’re the best they can be. Our debut album was primarily recorded at Red City Recordings in Manchester with an awesome engineer/producer, David Radahd- Jones who is great at working with each member of the band in a way that keeps us comfortable but ensures that we do our absolute best.

Do you play live and if so, have you any dates coming up?
We love playing live for our fans and, we have just secured the exclusive support slot on a February UK tour with The Three Tremors, featuring Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens (ex Judas Priest). We also have a European tour in the works for April along with British metal band Absolva who are also Blaze Bayley’s backing band. We will be playing, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany; we have just been confirmed to play the main stage at this year’s HRH Metal at Birmingham O2.

Future plans?
We all love creating and playing music. We are working hard to be as successful as possible while still having fun, and also hope our fans old and new enjoy what we release. We are currently writing songs for our second album and are five songs into that, so about halfway.

How can ZT readers hear more?
You can follow us on and for the latest news and updates, and there are loads of live videos and interviews with the band on Youtube.

Band name: Vice
Formed: 2014
Origin: Bury, Greater Manchester
Current release: The First Chapter

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