Introducing: Australia’s In Malice’s Wake, featured on issue 099’s covermount CD.

In Malice’s Wake have unleashed their fourth full-length release, The Blindness Of Faith, joining us with a track on the current issue’s covermount CD to mark the event. We fired a quick round of questions at the band, and they fired a rapid round of answers back in the aim of you lot getting to know them and their music better.

ZT: Where do you hail from, what’s in your band name?
IMW: We hail from Melbourne, Australia. The band name is a reference to being left in the wake of destruction after the evils of humanity’s nature has run its course.

ZT: Where are you going musically? Is there a lyrical / aesthetic concept?
Each full-length release has pushed further into darker and heavier territory leading to the savage fourth release – The Blindness Of Faith – a destructive crossing point of thrash, death and black metal.  The combined trademark riffing style, intense speed, blasts/tremolo picking, and haunting melodies are integral to the recognisable sound of In Malice’s Wake. The band’s lyrical themes explore the dark side of human nature, and The Blindness Of Faith explores the negative influence faith-based religion has had on the history of humankind.

ZT: How do you think you differ from your contemporaries and who are they? Who / what influences your music?
More than anything else, it is the memorable songwriting and originality that the band has become truly renowned for. Each track speaks its own story and stays with the listener long after the album has ceased to play. In the current intensely populated marketplace, great songs is the only currency of value.  Our biggest influences include Slayer, Sodom, Testament, Early Sepultura, Deicide, Vital Remains, Vader and Bloodbath.

ZT: Why did you select the track included on the ZT covermount to represent you? Tell us a little bit about it: what’s it about, how does it fit in with the rest of your material?
Graven Image’ is a killer track that wastes no time getting into the action – important on a sampler! But it is also a fantastic summary of what In Malice’s Wake represent as a band – a heavy focus on savage riffs, a very unique blend of thrash and death metal and a huge outro that is among the heaviest sections of our entire discography. The lyrics take passages from various holy texts and uses these passages to highlight the incompatibility of various religions, thus being the cause for endless holy bloodshed throughout history. This track is a great representation of what our latest album The Blindness of Faith is all about in a single song.

ZT: Tell us a bit about how you go about writing and recording…
Shaun (guitar/vocals) is the majority songwriter but In Malice’s Wake are a very collaborative band. We have worked together for years and will take all the time that is necessary to polish songs to perfection. Nothing that is substandard makes the cut and we are left with only tracks that are very exciting to us. We have worked with Monolith Studios for the last three releases, and I can honestly say the production of our latest album is among the best I have heard in a very long time. It is real, it is gritty, but is also clear, huge, and instilled with unparalleled atmosphere and unique character. Everything I want in the production of the albums I listen to!

ZT: How has the recent pandemic affected the band – has it prevented you from live performance – focused you on writing more… Do you see if ever ending, and what do you really miss from before it took hold on life in general?
We held off releasing this album a little until it looked like the pandemic was here to stay, then released it independently and found that with people hungry for new music while locked down, the support was huge. It has been by far the best reception we have had to any of our releases and we are eternally grateful for the support. I hope it ends soon, but with the state of things at the moment it is looking like lasting a while longer at least. We miss live shows but have been lucky enough to have been able to play a few small dates in our home of Melbourne. First in over a year and three months for us and the joy of it was incredible. It really is the greatest part of being in a band, so we hope it slowly comes back. Especially for the sake of all the full-time touring bands and promoters out there – for us this is a passion that we pursue but all have day jobs – we really feel for the bands out there struggling.

ZT: What are your plans for the band?
So, we are continuing the promote The Blindness of Faith as it has only just been released. We are working on a “making of” feature that will be available on our YouTube channel. We have a few small live dates but will now start writing album five of course! Definitely no solid plans for touring yet, but we do hope that will change soon!

ZT: How can ZT readers hear more?
IMW: Please check out the following links to hear more!

Band name: In Malice’s Wake
Formed: 2002
Origin: Melbourne – Australia
Current release: The Blindness Of Faith
Signed / unsigned: Unsigned
Connect via:
Official Website:
Official IMW Merchandise:
Bands In Town:’sWake

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