Enigmatic Swiss black metallers AARA present the first single from their soon-to-be-released new album, ‘Triade I: Eos’.

Not even a year has passed since Swiss black metallers AARA released the very well-received En Ergô Einai. French label Debemur Morti Productions are thrilled to be able to announce the coming of the band’s third album in late-March.

As the title suggests, Triade I: Eos, is Part I of a trilogy (yes, that means there’s definitely more to come) that’s centred around the book ‘Melmoth The Wanderer’, a novel by Irish writer Charles Robert Maturin in the early 19th century. Somewhat similar to the idea and concept of Goethe’s ‘Faust’, Maturin’s novel may be understood as a social commentary as well as a critical examination and discussion of religion.

The first part of the AARA trilogy consists of six compositions, namely:

  1. Fathum
  2. Tantalusqual
  3. Naufragus
  4. Nimmermehr
  5. Das Wunder
  6. Effugium

Lucky for you, AARA have made the first single, ‘Naufragus’, availble to listen to – and to make things simple, you can do this by clicking play below. To aid your listening experience, and to grasp behind this specific composition and its structure, we’re told that it is necessary to put it into the context of the novel, as mastermind Berg explains:

“The composition follows the events in the book and so ‘Naufragus’ was written as the third song. You could understand it as a kind of soundtrack, although of course I try to realise it by interpreting the mood – so it remains very personal. The samples and sounds are used to strengthen the connection to the storyline even more. The whole album has no fixed song structures, there is no division into verse, bridge and chorus. It is rather an emotional journey of ups and downs, which is the essence of existence and probably something everyone can identify with.”

Furthermore, the Latin song title ‘Naufragus’ may be translated as “shipwreck”, and AARA narrate a very specific episode of Melmoth’s journey in this composition, as Berg comments:

“It tells about a stormy night that young Melmoth spends in the house of his just deceased uncle. While the inhabitants gather around the fire and listen to the raging wind, which is said to be the soul of the deceased, they suddenly hear cannon shots blowing from the coast between the howling of the wind. A ship is being torn apart by the lashing sea. Melmoth rushes to help, but it becomes clear that there is no rescue. In the darkness he catches sight of a figure on the cliffs, who despite the storm remains completely motionless, not even his cloak moves in the wind, and who laughs loudly and coldly at the sight of the sinking ship, making the young Melmoth’s blood freeze in his veins. He tries to reach the figure and, as a stone gives way beneath his feet, falls into the raging sea. Here young Melmoth has met the ghostly wanderer, his ancestor, for the second time. He escapes drowning and then converses with the only survivor of the shipwreck, namely a Spaniard who can tell him more about the Wanderer, and whose narrative makes up a large part of the novel.”

Musically, ‘Naufragus’ does well to highlight AARA’s dramatic and dynamic approach to black metal, eliminating genre boundaries to allow them to express human emotion with the help of music, and Berg expands on this point:

“The dramaturgy is probably related to the concept of being musically oriented to a fixed text and thus being ‘subjected’ to the sequence of events. But the music should never try to exaggerate moments and thus end up in kitschy clichés. I try to represent human feelings and emotions in music and to make them tangible while listening. To do this, each emotion has to be explored to its limits, which leads to strong contrasts within the album but also within the individual songs. We don’t want to get restricted by any genre classifications.”

Triade I: Eos will see the light of day in CD, vinyl, and digital form on 26 March 2021. Pre-orders are possible now via the label’s EU shop, Bandcamp and US shop.

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