With the 9th annual Infernal Damnation Fest fast approaching, we took the opportunity to catch up with frontman of headliners Enthroned, Nornagest, for a few words on their new album, and their imminenet return to London.

ZT: Can you tell us a few words about the new album Obsidium?

Nornagest: “Obsidium” is our latest and most spontaneous album, both old and new fans agree on the fact that this is our best work, which is always pleasant to hear.
“Obsidium” is also the third part of a whole concept that started back in 2007 with the “Tetra Karcist” album which presents the occult as it really is without the clichés nor a will to shock, just how things are behind the veil.

ZT: How does it follow on from Pentagrammaton?

Nornagest: “Pentagrammaton” was some kind of a special album; it is the second chapter of that concept I was talking about and deals with real life events that took place within our life. As we are very pointy regarding the intimate link between the music and the lyrical concept. “Pentagrammaton” was composed in a very different way, we literally translated the lyrics into music. Lyrics were written first and each riff was chosen to fit the moment where this or that word is spoken. With “Obsidium” we just unleashed spontaneously what we had inside as the album’s concept deals with “the achievement”, what we achieved regarding those experiences. So it is a logical, well thought out follow up to “Pentagrammaton”, giving a different feeling and atmosphere, but still recognizable regarding some tones and chords used on the previous recordings.

ZT: Are you looking forward to your return to London?

Nornagest: Of course, each and every show we performed in London was a blast, so we are really looking forward to this one!

ZT: And what can people expect when they see you in London?

Nornagest: Well, we will give a direct show, in your face. We have talked about this or that yet, so it will be just like the album: Very spontaneous! We will also use a session drummer from the UK actually Mentor (Lvfifyre, Corpus Christii and Necrosadist)  as our actual drummer has some private matters to take care of.

19th May 2012 at Camden Underworld – Doors 2:00

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