This Tuesday, 24th April, concertgoers at The Garage in London will be given an incredible opportunity to witness Italy’s ICO (Incoming Cerebral Overdrive) and Ufomammut together in support of their respective new releases.  Additionally, it will be the only date on the tour where Ufomammut will be playing both of their latest albums, ORO: Opus Primum and Opus Alter, in their entireties, as well as a chance to hear songs from ICO’s new album, “Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift,” before its release.


Set to be released on 7th May via Supernatural Cat, ICO’s “Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift” is the next step in the band’s musical endeavors and “represents at its best what ICO is today” says the band from the road.  “This is just a starting point for the evolution of ICO identity.”  The album is a concept, telling the story of a mysterious diary found that describes the writer’s isolated and lonesome journey, expressing the vivid human emotions that come about during the journey.  Commenting on the storyline of the album, ICO states “The concept behind ‘Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift’ is a trip adrift. A diary has been found and the lyrics represent what was inside it. We actually don’t know, and honestly don’t care, if the trip has to be intended as something real or just a dream. We tried to figure out both conceptually and musically the state of mind of someone who is attending a stellar trip adrift. We enforced the concept behind the record with a space-sperimental and psychedelic approach.”


Ufomammut are currently on the road in support of their latest, “Oro: Opus Primum” which was released on Neurot Records on 9th April, and set to be followed up by part two of the album, “Oro: Opus Alter” this coming September.  Making the London show special for Ufomammut fans will be the band performing both albums, front to back, creating an intense musical experience.  “Oro is a difficult album and it’s a completely new step for us thinking about the live approach,” says bassist Urlo.  “I could say it’s a less direct album, You need to enter it to be a part of it. So let’s cross our finger and let’s see what will happen.”


The entire Oro project is a follow-up to Ufomammut’s 2010 release, “Eve,” which was a rather critically acclaimed album.  So how does a band follow up such an incredible release?  “The idea of what we wanted to do was pretty clear, since the beginning.  We wanted to work on a single track, creating different movements and trip around the same riffs and theme.”  To accompany the audio, Ufomammut listeners will be given (later in the year) a complete visual to go along with the music.  Ufomammut’s Urlo was asked to describe what the visuals will be like, and replied with “It’s too difficult to close the visuals in words, I suggest to take a look at the first 5 visuals on the net.  Visuals are one of the main members of the band.”


So with two bands releasing two mind-blowing concept albums, it only seems logical to place the two bands together on the same bill to present their monolithic epics to an audience.  Urlo commented “We’re excited to be in the UK again.  Hope the Garage will be full.”  And no doubt, London attendees will be given a great experience.  But don’t take my word for it, ICO says “We are thrilled about the opportunity to play in this great city! The show follows the record concept. We’ll play songs only from the latest record and they will be completed by visuals representing stellar and space landscapes. Set your mind for a cosmic and psychedelic bad trip. We like to think that the audience could live the sensations contained in the whole concept: anxiety, distress, sadness, illogicality, euphoria and every feeling that a lonely trip adrift can generate.”


Mark your calendars and day planners, but don’t make serious plans for the rest of the week; Ufomammut and ICO will melt your brains this Tuesday at the Garage in London!

Thanks for dropping in!

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