Infera Bruo stream new track with ZT

ZT have teamed up with Prosthetic Records to bring you a stream from Boston based black metal quartet INFERA BRUO, (ex-Trap Them), who present Scorne, taken from Cerement, a challenging new album rooted in primordial blackened energy whilst still following their experimental instincts.


Infera Bruo isn’t progressive for the sake of being progressive, they just do what comes naturally. Cerement, the band’s third full length LP is a testament to that. The album was produced by Baudhuin and mastered by Brad Boatright. It contains 8 tracks of at times, warm and lush, while at others, harsh and cold, black metal. Acoustic guitars interplay with jarring electrics. Perhaps If Voivod were to have grown up listening to Emperor, one could say they would sound very similar to Infera Bruo?

Formed in 2009 by members of the Boston and New England metal scene, Infera Bruo sought to create original and intense blackened metal with a wide array of influences drawn from the diverse backgrounds of each musician. The band released a self-titled album in 2011 followed by Desolate Unknown in 2013. In Conjuration was released in 2015 through Bindrune Recordings.

Release Date : 7th September 2018

Pre-Order Link:


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