Singapore’s Black/Death Pioneers Impiety (cover-story ZT #039) have signed with Pulverised Records for their upcoming 8th full-length album, the anticipated follow-up to 2011’s crushing ‘Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny’.
Band leader Vocalist/Guitarist Shyaithan comments on the signing as follows:
“The best of Impiety has yet to come… Writing the upcoming storm serves as a greater challenge to myself and all previous endeavors. One thing definitely to expect is that this new full-length album will hammer you 10 times harder than all previous revelations. Blood and Chaos shall dominate but Lightning Death it’s ultimate crowning glory…”
Pulverised Records had this to say:
“Impiety, with their vibrant history and definitely the first pioneering band to put Singapore on the Extreme Metal map, has grown rapidly in the recent years and with a fearsome reputation of being a no-holds-barred ferocious live act. And now it has come full circle; this formidable co-operation for the upcoming new full-length opus will prove once again that Impiety is truly at the top of their game, sitting proud and high at the blackened elite throne of blasphemy. Asian & Arrogant!”

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