UK’s very own Heavy/Speed/Thrash Metallers Deceptor have released a brand new EP entitled ‘Soothsayer’. A lot has changed for the band since 2007’s strictly limited ‘Bound to the Oath’ demo (100 copies pressed for the Insane Quest For Flesh tour with Mutant). Drummer James Ashbey and Bassist/Vocalist Paul Fulda (Mutant) talk to ZT about the ‘new sound’, the state of Heavy-Metal and, of course, new EP.


The imminent release of the EP ‘Soothsayer’ has brought many changes to the band’s sound. How was the transition from pure Thrash to progressive Heavy Metal?

James: Although previous Deceptor releases had a more orthodox slant similar to the darker thrash bands of the ‘80s, we always listened to a wide spectrum of metal, from NWOBHM to early death metal. The first demos showed several signs of this fact but it’s definitely come to the forefront on the new EP. Switching from a four-piece to a three-piece inevitably reshaped the sound a bit too, making us a bit more agile with the songwriting and expanding the progressive side.


James, you also run the forum/website UKThrash, does the band intend to distance themselves from the Thrash scene with this release?

James: We have no wish to distance ourselves from that community – we have many good friends within that ‘scene’ and most of our support so far has come from there. The new EP has plenty of speed and aggression to whet the thrasher’s appetite, but our wider influences also shine through.


Your live performance at the Old Blue Last in March was quite the spectacle. Even featuring a stripper and some killer aviator-sunglasses! How did you go about planning the show? Where did you get hold of such exquisite aviators?


James: Why assault one sense when you can assault many?! Heavy metal has become quite divorced from the dark theatrics of its golden age so we’re keen to keep that alive where possible. It was great fun to play with our new dancing demon friend ‘Missy’ at the Old Blue Last – she was coming to the show anyway, it would have been a crime not to involve her. We have more ideas stockpiled for our next show… fear the Heatseeker!

The aviators are the only remaining trace of the infamous black ops specialist Ramm Swank, who met his unspecified end while stalking narco-terrorists in a classified jungle warzone.


The new EP comes with some excellent cover-artwork (pictured). Who is the artist? What is the concept behind the cover?

Paul: I actually painted the cover-artwork, in acrylics on canvas. The concept was to depict the ‘crypt of the fates’; a subaqueous, volcanic domain where the fates of mortals are crystallised. This crypt also represents the source of our sonic material, and we felt an image of it suited the theme of fate which is prevalent in the lyrics.


You are currently listed as signed to a label called Chaos Dimension Records? Your own label? Has there been any other record deal interest?

James: The EP is self-released, using a label name drawn from the band’s distant past. We have many labels and distros hovering between the cross-hairs – now that the CDs are ready we will be dispersing them as widely as possible.


What’s next for Deceptor? When will the EP be available to the public?

James: The Soothsayer EP is out NOW, you can order it online at! It’s been a long time in synthesis but the next step is to distribute it as much as we can and get some more live appearances booked. We’re also working on new songs to unleash at a later date.


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Listen to the title track of the EP, Soothsayer HERE


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