Ihsahn, founding guitarist and vocalist for the legendary Emperor, is set to release his fourth solo record, “Eremita,” on 19th June via Candlelight Records.  A new track, “Introspection,” is currently available on guitarworld.com “Introspection” features guest vocals from Devin Townsend, who has previously worked with Ihsahn on his own musical projects, specifically the track “Juular.”


“Eremita” has Ihsahn handling most of the musical duties, but also features other guests, including Jeff Loomis (formerly of Nevermore) and members of Norway’s Leprous, known to perform live with Ihsahn.  Commenting on the album, Ihsahn has said “This is right where I want to be musically, with lots of room for dynamics and expressive variety. Tobias and Jorgen have really added to the organic vibe I was going for and have contributed to the overall feel with their fantastic musicianship. And to have Devin, Jeff, Einar and Heidi adding their special moments, I am very privileged to be able to work with such a talented group of people. I really feel this is some of my most inspired work yet.”


Review:  The track is a perfect highlight of what Ihsahn is capable of.  Its dark, progressive, and melodic, all rolled into one.  Devin Townsend’s vocal abilities are a perfect match to Ihsahn’s vocals and musical style and help to add a new dimension in the vocal arrangements.  Similar to Ihsahn’s other solo efforts, the music is challenging to the ear, as each time you will listen to it, you’ll either focus on one aspect, or continuously find new parts of the mix to concentrate on.  With superb musicianship and lyrical style just in this one song, “Eremita” promises to be a solid album from Ihsahn, who has yet to release anything lackluster.



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