As previously reported, Italy’s esoteric black/doom magicians FORGOTTEN TOMB are currently working on their seventh full-length “…And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil”. The album is set for an Autumn release via Polish Agonia Record and is being recorded at Elfo Studio in Piacenza, Italy.


Herr Morbid, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, gave ZT a brief, yet exclusive insight into the recording session: “We’re currently locked in the studio to record the new album and it’s turning out good. Dark, cruel and nasty. It leaves a taste of substance abuse, diseases, random violence and urban misery. It’s the most negative material we’ve done in quite a while, I’d say. Also, I’m recording all guitars myself this time, something which wasn’t happening since ‘Springtime Depression’ (2003)”.


There’s also a special album with FORGOTTEN TOMB’s remixes in the making. More news to follow.

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