Polish death metal band HELLSPAWN have recently came back to the living with their second album titled “The Great Red Dragon”. The full-length was released on June 6th via their countryfellow label Psycho and is said to be a perfect example of why there should be no distinction between old and new school of extreme metal, as it is an uncompromising album for fans of Morbid Angel, Angel Corpse, Diabolic and Hate Eternal alike.


In an exclusive statement for Zero Tolerance the band comment:  “This time we return stronger than ever. The album is a great dose of what is best about death metal: firm rhythm section, relentless guitars and massive vocals. If you liked our previous releases this album is a must, as it is by far our greatest achievement.
The general concept of the album is heavily inspired by the work of William Blake, whose series of paintings, going by the same title as Hellspawn’s album, depict various scenes from the biblical Book of Revelation. Blake’s portrayal of the Devil (or the Great Red Dragon, if you will) had a major influence on the band’s drummer, who is also responsible for the lyrical aspect of Hellspawn’s music. The series consists of four paintings, all of which are used in the graphical layout of the album, and the album cover itself is an adaptation of The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with Sun”.


1. The First Banner in the Fields of Devil
2. Word Becomes Flesh
3. Hellspawn
4. Diabolic (the song is available for streaming at THIS LOCATION)
5. The Great Red Dragon
6. Intro to the Revelation
7. Revelation of the Great Red Dragon
8. The Dice Are Cast
9. The Greatest King among Demons
10. An Obelisk of the World

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