Bulgarian doom metal pilgrims Obsidian Sea, who have recently released their debut full-length “Between Two Deserts” via Russia’s label Solitude Productions, have now made the album available for streaming in its entirety on YouTube.com HERE.


The Sofia-based band told Zero Tolerance working on the full-length wasn’t a very smooth sailing, yet definitely worth the while: “The album was recorded last year (2011) with the significant role of different kinds of hardship and obstacles, but for the sake of our work we didn’t stumble on the road. Surely, when you are trying to do something decent, something which has a meaning, then you don’t have the right to falter.
As for the album itself we decided to combine these older tracks from the 2010 demo with five (almost) new ones. They matched greatly. I suppose the mood was still fresh somehow.
The album doesn’t go as straight and narrow as one would think, yes, the title does bring all the songs together somehow, but there is no clear and defined “concept”. I personally see the album as a cycle – the mood in the very beginning really matches that in the very end. Every song of the album beats with its own energy and frequency, with its own idea, but orbiting around a center, which represents this greater vision of life, lying between two deserts. I will not recommend the album as “for fans of…” and diminish it. Anyone interested should listen and make his/hers own connections to other bands and ideas”.


The tracklisting for the album is as follows:
1. At The Temple Doors
2. Mountain Womb
3. The Seraph
4. Impure Days
5. Curse of The Watcher
6. Absence of Faith
7. Second Birth
8. Beneath
9. Flaming Sword

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