Updates on the famous Dan Lilker slowing-down-yet-not-quitting story! The enormous bassist has recorded a 4-track EP with Nuclear Assault, which will work as a taste of things to come when the American thrashers hit the studio for their last album. The EP titled Pounder will be released on 1 June 2015.


In August 2014 Dan Lilker made his intentions about the future of Nuclear Assault clear: Following a final tour, the band would split up after one last album. “Progress on writing music will not go quickly due to a couple of facts; we are geographically challenged so we can’t just jam once a week like we used to, and we want to make sure that this album is really killer so we can go out with a big bang” he wrote.

The first signs of this new album will appear on Pounder, an EP “with 4 Killer Old School Thrash Tunes written by Dan Lilker and (guitarist/singer) John Connelly” as the band comments.


Meanwhile, their tour schedule for Final Assault 2015 keeps getting updated so keep your eyes open!

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