Gravfraktal unleash debut EP ‘Unhallowed Death Triumph’

An explosion occured when the three renowned Swedish death metal artists Warslaughter (Diabolicum, Ex-Bestial Mockery), Perversion Trauma (Saltas, Ex-Pagan Rites) and Terror (Domedag, Runemagick) met, and Gravfraktal suddenly came into being. The new group then secretly worked on songs and is now ready to release their debut EP Unhallowed Death Triumph via Iron Bonehead.

It goes without saying that Gravfraktal are not interested in any form of modern death metal, but their musical as well as artistic roots in general go back to the old days, when the saying ‘metal of death’ was still used as a demarcation from trendy metal bands. No doubt, having played in bands like Sacramentum, Pagan Rites, Swordmaster, Bestial Mockery, The Funeral Orchestra, Kill as well as Diabolicum and Heavydeath has shaped their way of composing and understanding death metal songs.

The first EP Unhallowed Death Triumph shows their musical vision with the help of four songs clocking in at about 18 minutes and may serve as a statement in which direction this trio is heading in the future. Those who are ready to evoke metal of death, now have the chance to stream the first Gravfraktal ‘single’, namely ‘Carnage Into Dimensional Oblivion‘.

Unhallowed Death Triumph tracklist:
1. Unhallowed Death Triumph
2. Carnage Into Dimensional Oblivion
3. Putrid Gloria
4. Endless Grave Fractals

Unhallowed Death Triumph will be cast onto the world by Iron Bonehead Productions on 4 December 2020. More information about the band can be found on their Bandcamp page.

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