A World Lit Only By FireThe UK’s titans of metallic, industrial noise, Godflesh have let-loose their long awaited studio-full length, ‘A World Lit Only By Fire’ for streaming in its entirety.


Godflesh’s first album in almost thirteen years will see a physical release on October 7th, via founding member and front-man Justin K. Broadrick’s Avalance Recordings. Featuring ten new slabs of their now infamous, bloated walls of sound, the new album is a return to the minimalistic origins of the band. In an interview with Decibel, Bassist C.G Green commented:


“It’s very much back to the spirit of the old stuff,” adding, “We’re not using loads of samples, we’re not using a drummer as we did on later releases — it’s quite stripped down. It’s about keeping the essence of what we were. There was something there all the way through, but as time went along and we had to deal with labels and agents, I think too many things got thrown into the mix. Now it’s back to like it was when we started. And it doesn’t feel forced. We’re not doing it for the money or the glory. We’re doing it because it feels right.”


The album’s title, lends itself to the book of the same name by historian William Manchester, and Broadrick’s lyrical themes, the front-man admits, took a little inspiration from its pages; albeit in relation to recent history. Commented Broadrick:


“We stole the title from a book that covers the brutality of medieval times throughout Europe, but for us it’s indicative of many things. In many ways, it’s a resignation to what we are, which is essentially flawed savages. A lot of the frustration of Godflesh is internal — it’s the human condition, the frailty, and that we’re essentially amoral. There’s so little to sway us. It’s a resignation to the fact that we’re just beasts, and the world always has been and always will be lit only by fire. We’ve always been primal, and we still are. We see it in all four corners of the globe. Savagery happens everywhere, even in our own backyards. So, it’s looking at oneself and being disgusted, but also resigned. You are good and you are evil, and there’s very little in between sometimes.”


Godflesh will be touring the UK with ‘A World Lit Only By Fire’ in December, see below for dates and tickets:


Tue 9 Dec – The Haunt, Brighton
Wed 10 Dec – The Garage, London
Thu 11 Dec – The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
Fri 12 Dec – Sound Control, Manchester
Sat 13 Dec – The Art School, Glasgow


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