Daniel Vrangsinn’s Misantrof ANTIRecords label have released the debut EP of post-black-punk metal duo Glomb. Entitled 11/3, the music is described as ‘a soundtrack for the never-ending hopeless human process of cleaning and polluting, living and dying, cleaning and polluting, hating and loving, cleaning and polluting the world, and so on’.

Nerv and Haen, the blokes behind the music, claim; “the songs are about life, death, hate, love, joy and suffering. Cleaning for death, cleaning for life, cleaning yourself to death, cleaning yourself to life, cleaning others to death, cleaning others to life, being cleaned to death during childhood, cleaning for a living, being cleaned to be able to survive, having to clean to survive this nonsense called existence. Experiencing that life is all about nonsense, and how to learn how to get used to this nonsense, how to even love and appreciate this nonsense, and how to use this nonsense for yourself, in whatever way. Glomb is about masturbation, activating and availing themselves of the most important and most filthy primal human energy source there is.”

In line with Misantrof ANTIRecords ethos, the EP is available as a free download from the label website

Check out a video for Glomb at


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