German black metalheads Imha Tarikat release song and details of ‘Sternenberster’

After having dwelled in the underground the last couple of years, Germany’s Imha Tarikat have recently signed a deal with Lupus Lounge, the infamous sub label of Prophecy Productions, for the release of their second album Sternenberster (Burster Of Stars). Now details as well as the first single ‘Brand am Firmament‘ (‘Celestial Blaze‘) have surfaced.

The album title Sternenberster may be taken literally when it comes to the music of Imha Tarikat, since the two musicians responsible for the music aim at unleashing tracks of crushing force onto the listeners. Also, the term ‘burster of stars’ may be additionally understood from a lyrical and conceptual background, as mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Ruhsuz Cellât explains: “The suppression of feelings and the rejection of remembrance can cause serious disturbances in the subconscious mind. The rupturing of such displaced memories easily leads to extreme pain and emotional turmoil – like a star bursting.

Without doubt, the first single ‘Brand am Firmament‘ (‘Celestial Blaze‘) which is now available for streaming shows that the band takes the harsh sound of their debut Kara Ihlas even further. The variety of influences ranging from the second wave of Norwegian black metal to speed metal, punk and even occult rock are clearly audible in their latest offering. Ruhsuz Cellât comments on the song: “Our song ‘Brand am Firmament’ deals with the final overcoming of the aggressor that resides in your heart and pulls you down into the depths of loss time and again. How often will you allow yourself to relive failure and misery? How long will you continue to let it tear you apart while a vicious joy grows out of your futile efforts to fight this? The root of this suffering hides in places where only darkness lurks. ‘Brand am Firmament’ is a vision of a failed cause that flickers with lucid disappointment. Annihilate it! Mature and grow through this war of passion!

Sternenberster tracklist:
1. Ekstase ohne Ende
2. Sturm der Erlösung
3. Kreuzpunkt der Schicksale
4. Brand am Firmament
5. Klimax Downpour
6. Aufstieg
7. Sternenberster
8. Outro (Cosmos Dissolving)

Imha Tarikat are:
Ruhsuz Cellât – vocals, guitars
Marvin Giehr – guitar (live)
P:W – drums (album recording)

Sternenberster will be released via Lupus Lounge on 11 December 2020. Additionally, the label will also re-release all of the early material of the band. This special compilation will bear the title Kara Ihlas / Kenoboros – Initiation Of Passion Bursting and will be unleashed on the same day as the second album. Both releases may be pre-ordered at the following location. More information about the band can be found on their Facebook-Page or the artist’s page on Prophecy Productions.

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