Formicarius unveil new video from Black Mass Ritual album

ZT have teamed up with Schwarzdorn Production to lift the veil on the new video from rising UK black metal band Formicarius.

May The Rats Eat Your Eyes deals with a Lovecraftian descent into madness and is taken from the forthcoming Black Mass Ritual album which is released on 21 July.

In 2016 Formicarius really announced themselves to the world. They stepped out from the underground pack, planted their standard with a wicked flourish and proclaimed, loud and clear, their grand ambitions, their intent to conquer. The ‘Lake Of The Dead’ single was their war cry and it lead to the band’s inclusion on Sony/Music For Nations’ compilation album, Speed Kills VII.

So 2016 was the warning and now it is time for the storm to be unleashed. Black Mass Ritual gathers up all that is great about black metal – the atmosphere, the intent, the velocity, the savagery, the dark beauty, the drama, the overwhelming power – and breathes new life into its decayed lungs, infusing it with a raging, unholy vigour.

With this album Formicarius have ignited a black flame which will consume the metal world. Ample warning was given and now there is no place to run…it’s time to burn.

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