The month long expedition of London based filmmakers Raffaeele Mosca, Alessio Calabresi and Natalia Kouneli in Botswana came to an end today, with the crew releasing a Facebook statement you can read HERE about their adventures. ‘March Of The Gods: Botswana Metalheads’ explores the Metal Brotherhood in the country and is centred around the band Wrust, a death metal band formed in 2000 who has opened for the likes of Carcass, Entombed and Sepultura in South Africa. The Indiegogo website says “the documentary aims to bring to light an emerging musical subculture blending the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, African tradition and Biker and Cowboy fashion and an unexpected point of view on Africa, a continent which is often misconceived.” Though the completely self-funded on location shoot has finished, the documentary makers have managed to secure an invitation for the band to play at SoloMacello festival in Milan, Italy and are now asking for donations to help cover the costs of the band’s flights. It will be the first time a band from Botswana has played a major European festival and they plan on including this as a big part of the film.


Help our Botswanan brothers out and support the drive to get ’em up here on the March Of the Gods Indiegogo website, give their Facebook page a like and spread the word about this incredible project.

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