It is with great pleasure that we bring you an EXCLUSIVE stream of Seth‘s “One Ear To The Earth, One Eye On Heaven” from their forthcoming new album The Howling Spirit, courtesy of our pals over at Season Of Mist.


Don’t leave it long though,  all good things come to an end after all and this link expires at 23:59 on 21-05-13. So, put two ears here, and two eyes below on the extract from our recent interview with founder member Heimoth. The full interview will appear in ZT issue 054, and if you like what you hear, pay the Season Of Mist store a visit and order the album!



“I’ve always had mixed feelings about the French BM scene… It’s grown rapidly these days with interesting bands such as Deathspell Omega, among others, yet I still wonder how much music is left when paying so much attention to the imagery. In black metal, mystery makes authenticity and credibility – but what’s left to a supposedly musical band when all is just about launching lame competitions to appear the most evil, most mysterious band around?… A mysterious band only works if the music fits the overall image conveyed. It’s the combination of both that creates an eerie feeling that surrounds some apparently ‘mere album’ you innocently play at home… Atmosphere is essential to a good record; still, black metal should be equally metal. To tell you the truth, I’m having difficulties these days coping with today’s wave of so-called new ‘post-metal’ or whatever bands. Some of them are good, but the major trend now is to use ambience to the detriment of something that unites us all – metal.”





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