Featured band: Darkness, Damnation, Death! Necros Christos arise from the tomba!

Anyone who’s anyone with the smallest ear to the underground will already be familiar with the over-rulers of all that is necromantic and deathly! But for those yet to bear witness to this otherworldly beast of damnation, prepare to be initiated.

The idea of Necros Christos was incepted into this undeserving world with the manifestation of Necromantic Doom in 2002, the first demo(n) in the build up to the initial full length album which would be released 5 years later under the title Triune Impurity Rites. And now, Necros Christos are on the brink of their second full length album being released. On March 11th, Doom of the Occult is being released in Europe and is set to shake the very foundations we base any musical judgement on. Prepare!

Preview two tracks here: http://www.last.fm/music/Necros+Christos/Doom+Of+The+Occult

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