The Swedish grindcore outfit Exhale have just joined the ranks of Morbus Chron, Desultory and Bombs of Hades after “inking a deal with Pulverised Records.”  The band commented that they are “really proud” of the signing and it “feels great” to be associated with such a great catalogue of bands.

Pulverised will release the band’s third full length album, ‘When Worlds Collide’, in early 2013.  This will join 2006’s ‘Prototype’ and 2010’s ‘Blind’ in the band’s catalogue.  The new album promises to keep the band’s serious commitment to proper, manic, modern grind at its core while taking a more mature and dynamic approach to songwriting.  The band said of the album that “’When Worlds Collide’ contains 14 tracks of grinding death metal.  You will recognise the sound of Exhale but there are also a few surprises for you!”

Pulverised released the following press statement:  “Throughout the years of our search for the signing the ‘right’ bands, there were, of course, many bands that we felt were a great addition to our roster. Then came along Exhale’s four-song promo by way of email one day, and those four tracks became an instant hit with us! There are some real serious chops and unbelievably stalwart songwriting amongst all that chaos; it is almost unreal.

“We are extremely proud to have Exhale join the Pulverised family, and we cannot wait to present ‘When Worlds Collide’ on a worldwide domination crusade. Onward to grind-gotha we shall!”

Check out the band’s first video off the new album, ‘Wrath Unleashed’ on YouTube now.

Picture credit: Exhale Website

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