Belgian black metallers Enthroned have begun work on their 10th and as-yet untitled studio offering. The band, who have just recently finished up a tour of the UK and Ireland have also drafted in another member, guitarist Noens (under the moniker ZarZax) for the new record. ZarZax had previously been filling for Nornagest on live guitar duties. Enthroned issued the following statement via their official Facebook page:


“Enthroned is currently working on the composition process of our tenth studio album, which will mark the 20th anniversary of the band,”


“We take this opportunity to officially announce that Noens, [who] was performing the live guitar duties (replacing Nornagest who suffers from tendinitis and therefore cannot play long shows anymore), is now a permanent member of Enthroned and will assume his new duties under the name of ZarZax. The next album will then feature the essence of three guitarists for the first time within the history of the band.”


“For those who would wonder; Nornagest is still composing as he always did and recording during the studio sessions. ZarZax proved himself to be such a dedicated element to the band and its concept that inviting him to be a 100% part of this journey was more than a natural choice!”


“Welcome to the Blackened Horde, Frater!”


Enthroned’s new album is scheduled for  release later this year.

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