ENGULFED, the Turkish old school death metal band featuring members of Decaying Purity, Deggial and Perpetual Genocide, have announced they will be releasing their debut mini-CD “Through The Eternal Damnation” via Poland’s Hellthrasher Productions. The album is due out this Summer, with Me Sace Un Ojo label taking care of the vinyl version.


The band’s guitarist Mustafa told Zero Tolerance the material pretty much lives up to their expectations: “The EP has 4 songs that are very raw and it satisfies us a lot. It’s very far from being artificial and reflects the true old school death metal. And we were inspired by nothing but death metal itself. We are addicted to true death metal, which is the reason we created the music. We are also glad with Hellthrasher Productions’ sincerity and really feel that they like our music. We hope that the true death metallers will dig the EP and it will kindle their fire”.


A song off the EP, “Supreme Lord Of Blasphemy”, is available for streaming at THIS LOCATION.

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