You could say that the deadline for our 9th anniversary edition was a bit of a sore point for our publisher.  Fraught with numerous difficulties, including our designer getting stuck in Germany at a critical point, it was noticed once the issue was delivered in (albeit, printed with the wrong colour cover due to an error at the printers, but we’ve moaned about that on Facebook previously), that issue 055’s Soundcheck scores in the review section, p.072, are a teensy bit mixed up.


The results and rankings published are correct, so no change to the overall placement of each album. However, the individual scores printed in a couple of columns landed in the wrong places (e.g. writer Paul Carter didn’t mean to give Twilight Of The Gods full marks; this was actually intended for the Atlantean Kodex release, although he did award TOTG a very respectable 4).


So, with an apologetic nod to all concerned, here’s the correct version! If you want to view it at full size, click on the image, and then click on it again when it appears in a window on its own. It should be noted that this mistake crept in at the production end of the line; our editor, Nathan T. Birk and his editorial team are perfectly innocent of any crimes against editorial.


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