Russia HMers DRUKNROLL have recently released a new album entitled “На Лезвии Ножа / On The Knife Blade” via Ukraine’s Metal Scrap Records. The record is the second release of the Saratov-based band and reportedly comes with an added dose of energy, power, speed and metal compared to its predecessor, the 2010’s debut “Brownian Motion”.


The band issued ZT with the following statement: “It is a concept album about vices of humanity and uneasiness of a middle person’s life, making one balance between good and evil even not knowing what is what. Each song is not just a song – it is a true story of life, death, feelings, doubts and fate. Each story tells about everlasting struggle that emerges in the minds and hearts of every person – once winning or losing, each of us is facing a decision whether he or she is able to remain a human being or can resist turning into infernal animal with no soul at all. And when one battle ends another begins – more cruel, more devastating, more inhuman. ‘On The Knife Blade’ contains fast and heavy tracks like ‘Face to Face’ and ‘Nightstar Light’, ballad-type pieces like ‘Sorrow’, semi-industrial ‘Five Second’ or epic song as ‘Whirling As A Storm Cloud’ is. The band tried to combine all of their musical influences, beginning with classic rock and ending with death metal, into a hot-and-spicy metal cocktail”.


“On The Knife Blade” was released via Metal Scrap Records on February 23rd in Ukraine, March 15th in Russia and will be available across the world on the 2nd of April.


The title track off the album is available for streaming at THIS LOCATION.

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