Romania’s dark metal act DORDEDUH, featuring former members of Negura Bunget, have set September 28th as the release date for their debut full-length “Dar De Duh” on Prophecy Productions. Dordeduh’s first video clip for the song “Dojana” is now available for streaming via YouTube.


The band comment on their official Facebook page: “Finally, the first video of Dordeduh is out. For the setting, we chose an old, quite unknown Dacian fortress, placed deep into the Apuseni mountains. The place is surrounded by an unusual forest, called locally ‘the forest without a face’. This place was the subject of many mysterious stories of people disappearing into the forest without a trace. Fortunately, during the shootings, nothing unusual happened. We are very happy with the final result, and Costin Chioreanu did a great job. Enough describing – we let you to enjoy it!”


According to the label, the album “draws on several cultural and esoteric backgrounds to explore the number seven and its symbolism, primarily in terms of the seven levels of spiritual development and the old Romanian tradition of personifying the seven days of the week and relating them to the seven planets of classical astrology. In spite of this theoretical approach, Dordeduh put emphasis on the fact that their musical approach is first of all an intuitive one, rather than an intellectual or rational one. Whoever listens to ‘Dar De Duh’ and gets lost in this album, will instantly feel that Dordeduh have succeeded masterfully in realising their intentions”.


1. Jind De Tronuri
2. Flacararii
3. E-an-na
4. Calea Rotilor De Foc
5. Pandarul
6. Zuh
7. Cumpat
8. Dojana

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