London’s prog-doom hopefuls De Profundis have uploaded their first ever video for all the world to see. The song, entitled ‘Twisted Landscapes’ (off recent third album The Emptiness Within) is available HERE. ZT had a word with guitarist Roman Subbotin:


ZT: De Profundis’ first ever video is out now. Why did you decide to make a video. Why ”Twisted Landscapes’?


RS: We have been thinking about making a music video for some time, partly to try something new, but also link up with the more old-school music philosophy of making a music video to promote an album. “Twisted Landscapes” is the closest thing to a single that we’ve written to date – relatively short, snappy, and memorable, so it was really the obvious choice for a video.


ZT: The video has an intriguing concept, seemingly dealing with some sort of blackened shadow world. Could you clarify the concept to our readers, please?


RS: The video is about the Twisted Landscapes of the mind – where often nightmare and reality is blurred. People often perceive themselves differently to how they actually are, running away from their actions, imagining themselves to be different from who they really are inside. We deliberately made the story ambiguous – who is imagining who? – so the viewers should, nay, must draw their own conclusions. Or was it all a dream anyway?


ZT: Singer Craig Land does some bonafide acting in the video. Does he have an acting past … or even present?


RS: Yes, I believe he rather enjoyed being licked so we may well see him progress into soft porn… Or not. I think he was apprehensive about it at first, but I’m very glad we persuaded him to do it! In my view, the story of the video always needs some sort of a link to the band…


ZT: What can we expect next from De Profundis?


RS: Up next is our European tour with Marduk and Immolation, starting in just over a week. And we will be playing shows in UK (29th Sept at the Underworld, London) and also our first ever show in Dublin. We’re really excited and can’t wait to get back on the road. Last tour we did with Rotting Christ & Omnium Gatherum was more than a year ago.


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