Poland’s Hellthrasher Productions have announced they’ll be releasing a miniCD split of two Polish extreme metal acts – DECEPTION and DEMONIC SLAUGHTER. The album, dubbed “Worshippers of the Darkness”, will contain about 25 minutes of music and is due out in August.


According to a press release, Deception’s side features three brand new tracks saturated with sinister old school black metal, while Demonic Slaughter combine raw black metal with sombre death metal overtones.


In an exclusive statement for ZT, Demonic Slaughter’s mainman Perversor had the following to say: “Me and Xaos Oblivion alwas liked good raw oldschool death metal, so the split with Deception is something we really like. The guys got 2 brand new crushing tracks as well as a great Bathory cover. Great stuff for headbanging or smashing things! As far as Demonic Slaughter, after 3 full-length albums I think this band just have to grab your attention. We tried to incorporate a little more death metal feeling into our morbid and cold material. It’s still black metal but these 2 tracks are in my opinion the most brutal ones we’ve ever recorded. The guitar parts were created by Gonthy from Soul Snatcher/Abusiveness/Moon who is helping us from time to time and used his ideas for the release. This stuff is quite intense, listen to it only in the dark while intoxicating your body with any kind of venomous poison!!!”


M. (Deception) added: “Looks like our cooperation was successful. A huge ‘thank you’ goe out to Hellthrasher Prod. who gave us opportunity to strike with this unholy album. What can you expect? I think that people who stand for honest and dark old school death/black metal are not going to be disappointed. Worship life and death…”


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