Crom DubhWith a name from Irish mythology that roughly translates as “Dark Crooked One”, Crom Dubh unleash a style of music that combines the wretched depths of black metal with epic soundscapes, sporting a very-damn-weird sound production. Crom Dubh recently signed to Ván Records for their new offering, Heimweh.

Formed in London in 2003, Crom Dubh revolve around members of top-quality English black metal bands like Craven Idol and Scythian. Following the amazing Deifr EP of 2010, Crom Dubh signed to Ván Records for their first full-length Heimweh, which was recorded in Summer and Autumn of 2013.

The band comments: “A massive amount of time and effort has gone into the production of Heimweh, not only by us but also by Ván, and we’re humbled by the lengths they’ve gone to to make sure the album is as formidable as possible.”

Catch them at Ván Records’ Acherontic Arts Festival on 1 and 2 May 2015, alongside other amazing names of Ván’s roster, like Necros Christos, Universe 217 and Atlantean Kodex.

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