UPDATE 1.10.11

Ash Cooper has been announced as the new vocalist of Cloven Hoof. A sample of the new track ‘I’m Your Nemesis’ can be heard HERE.


The band comments:

“The new album, yet untitled, will be the Hoof’s heaviest and most epic sounding release to date and it needed a vocalist of immense talent to match its raw power. Ash’s vocal delivery is brutal and aggressive, yet he can tackle ballads with great sensitivity and emotion. Ash sings with his heart on his sleeve with great power and passion.”


Furthermore, the band has announced that a return of former singer Russ North is out of the question. However, there are plans to release some of North’s old live materials.



NWOBHM DIE-HARDS CLOVEN HOOF are getting closer to completing their brand new line-up.  In August the band, consisting at the time only of founding-member/bassist Lee Payne, recruited a new guitarist (Joe Whelan) and only a few days ago a drummer was found in Mark Gould.


“After numerous attempts to get Mark Gould to join the line up, Cloven Hoof have finally got their man. Contractual obligations have previously prevented Mark from being able to take on the prestigious role, but now he is delighted to be part of the band at last. He is a powerhouse drummer and a human metronome. The rest of the band describe him as a cross between John Bonham and Phil Collins, the perfect man for the role!”


The band is currently in the studio working on the new song “I’m Your Nemesis” and set to record their first high-budget video on the 27th of September (today).


For the time being there is no clarity who will take on vocal duties on the upcoming release. In March, earlier this year Lee Payne announced that on-‘n-off vocalist Russ North would be featured on the upcoming album (due in 2012). Due to illness singer Matt Moreton (vocals on all the band’s releases since 2005) has been out of action for some while and is currently not listed in the band’s roster. Furthermore, a return of the legendary Rob Kendrick¬† is more than likely to remain this reporter’s personal pipe dream.


Cloven Hoof is confirmed to headline the Power of the Night Festival in Cyprus, taking place 27-28th of July.

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