British underground black metal strikes hard! Vostok, Diversis, Phaleg and Denizens have joined forces for a release.


Right now, the bands “are just readying the artwork and mastered tracks for sending it off to be pressed” as Oristalla, the force behind Diversis, tells us. This will be the second appearance for Vostok, Diversis and Phaleg, and first ever for Denizens, the side project of Malekh of Acolyte.


It was Vostok’s HM who came up with the idea. He comments: “I initially chose the bands to be involved as I knew all the members in some way, shape or form and admired their musical output.” The end result is a labour of co-operation. “Since that starting phase all the bands involved have contributed ideas regarding the packaging, artwork etc.” he adds.  Apparently, “that starting phase” was a long time ago. “It’s taken an extraordinary amount of time to get it all together” says Oristalla. So, when is it out? “Could be another 10 years, but will hopefully be before 2014” she concludes.


In further news, Vostok are putting the final touches to another split, this time with ‘Edinburgh’s finest purveyors of noise’,  Wraiths. A full-length is also ready and will be released in due time. Diversis’ TWO should follow the split fairly quickly.


The split will be limited to 100 CDs. The image with this article is a detail of the album cover.

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