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In our new regular online news piece, we’ll be giving you label specific updates once every week along with related ZT exclusive offers from each featured label.  In the first of many we hope to come, we’re shining light on US label Dark Descent Records, run by founder Matt Calvert. Established in 2009, the Colorado based label has built something of a reputation in underground circles for its admirable roster. Putting out releases from some of the gnarliest bands from the murky belly of extreme music seems to come naturally to the US label, including audial monstrosities from the likes of Father Befouled, Hacavitz, Imprecation, Dire Omen and Heresiarch, to scratch the surface.


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For current and future news, cast your eyes down for the latest month-by-month update direct from Dark Descent Records:


In October, Dark Descent Records celebrated its fourth anniversary with a two-day showcase event featuring our bands. This two-day show was held in Portland, OR and we are currently discussing plans to bring a label showcase to a location in Europe.


Craven Idol‘s debut full-length Towards Eschaton and the Fulmination 2CD “Humanity’s Dirge are shipping from our web store. These titles will also be available in the US through RED, UK through Code 7/Plastichead and Sweden through Sound Pollution. Additionally, many online distros will have these titles available. The vinyl version for Towards Eschaton will begin shipping November 11, 2013 but it’s available to purchase now through the web store.


In November, we will also release a brand new 7″ split teaming up two great young doom bands, Anguish and Below. This is the first recorded follow-up to Anguish’s 2012 album, Through The Archdemon’s Head and the debut release for Below, whom are signed to Metal Blade for their debut full-length in 2014.
January will bring us the new album, Sun Eater from Lvcifyre on CD/LP/Digital formats while February will be just as punishing with the tandem full-lengths from fellow deathsters, Corpsessed and Lie In Ruins.


Check out the following Dark Descent links:

www.darkdescentrecords.com – Official main site
www.darkdescentrecords.com/storeUse the code “ZT15” at checkout in the store to receive a 15% discount on your order
https://www.facebook.com/DarkDescentRecords – Official Facebook Page
http://darkdescentrecords.bandcamp.com/ – Official Band Camp Page – Stream albums and buy digitally


Future Dark Descent releases will include the following:
Gravehill – Death Curse CD/LP
Swallowed – debut full-length
Thantifaxath – debut full-length CD/LP
Dire Omen – debut full-length CD/LP
Begrime Exemious – Primeval Satellite MLP
Goreaphobia – Vile Beast of Abomination LP
Sempiternal Dusk – debut full-length CD/LP
Insanity – Visions of Apocalypse LP
Undergang – new album
Hacavitz – new album
Excommunion – new album


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We hope you’ll while away some of your time spent online to check out our friends at Dark Descent Records and their brilliant roster of bands. Don’t forget to use the code “ZT15” at the checkout stage in their store when you make a purchase to receive their generous 15% discount in conjunction with ZT. As the saying goes, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!  




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