Bonded By Blood in road accident

Bonded By Blood have been forced to cancel shows over in the US after a minor road accident. Their van had a near miss with a wall after skidding on black ice – the band members are all fine if a little shaken up, but the trailer for their gear came off badly.

“It was a surreal experience, to say the least,” comments bassist Jerry Garcia. “Something about listening to our buddy Luna (from Holy Grail) singing while we almost lost our lives just didn’t seem right. At least that is not how I would’ve expected to go. Everything happened so fast and my actions seemed automatic as if my instincts just kicked in and I did whatever it is I did behind the wheel without thinking about it.

“Our trailer is fucked beyond immediate repair. We will have to leave it behind and find something else to haul our stuff in. I just hope that our gear is fine and nothing was destroyed.”

UK fans can catch the band live in March with Lazarus AD

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