Bleeding Fist punch out with online video

Slovenian chaos-black metallers Bleeding Fist have posted their new video for ‘Invocation Into Devil’s Flesh’! Taken from the recent Moribund release ‘Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus’, Bleeding Fist’s ‘Invocation Into Devil’s Flesh’ literally unleashes hellfire and brimstone, and to date is the perfect visual embodiment of the band’s self-described “chaos black metal”. Witness that hellfire ‘n’ brimstone here.

In other news, the band recently destroyed stages at the Helvete gig in Oberhausen, Germany alongside such scene giants as Inquisition, Proclamation, Bestial Raids, and Blasphemophager. The photo used here is from that gig. Bleuuuurrrrggggh.

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