11713143_817318601678099_962195571_oSet to unleash its Hell on 8th of August, the Houston Doom Brigade is pleased to announce that this year’s installment will be headlined by long-time thrashers, and Houston natives, Helstar.  The fest will occupy both stages at Houston’s legendary Fitzgerald’s and will also feature sets from such heavyweights as Las Cruces, Sanctus Bellum, and Project Armageddon.  Previous incarnations of the fest have featured such bands as Venomous Maximus, Warbeast, Wo-Fat, and Mothership.

Bayou Doom Fest was created by the group known locally as the Houston Doom Brigade in an effort to keep the scene in the forefront of the city’s rather diverse musical pool.   “It was an idea that Alexis [Hollada – bass/vocals Project Armageddon, ed.] had several years back – an organization to promote and support doom metal and related genres of music in Houston,” states Ben Yaker, bassist of Sanctus Bellum and show organizer.  “The goals were twofold – to grow the scene and increase awareness locally and to support touring bands coming through Houston. Alexis and I started up the organization in earnest in 2013. Part of the concept is that we would host a series of doom metal shows in the city and that’s manifested itself in the annual Bayou Doom Fest.”  While previous Doom Fests have been free of charge to concert goers, organizers have stated that in order to make the festival bigger and better, some sacrifices must be made.  “Thirteen bucks for thirteen bands is not a bad deal!” exclaimed Yaker.

“Although most people wouldn’t consider us to be a doom band in the traditional sense, doom is a style of music that is very near and dear to our hearts and it’s one that’s been a big influence on us,” comments Helstar vocalist James Rivera.  “Doom metal has a darkness to it that we incorporate into our sound as well.  In honor of the occasion, we’ve got a very special set planned that will showcase some of our doomiest tracks.  We’ve also got some surprises planned around the theme of the late, great Christopher Lee as Dracula.  Godfathers of Doom and Nosferatu anyone?”

“There’s been no bigger friend to the doom scene in Texas than Helstar,” says Project Armageddon’s Alexis Hollada.  “Though they may be a somewhat unorthodox choice as headliner, there’s not a doom fan in the state that isn’t a big fan of Helstar.  That makes them a great fit for the fest.”

For tickets and more show info, please visit the venue’s website.

Set times and Band schedule:

Helstar – 11:00
Las Cruces – 10:00
Sanctus Bellum – 9:00
Project Armageddon – 8:00
Switchblade Jesus – 7:00
The Dirty Seeds – 6:00

Oceans of Slumber – 11:30
Deguello– 10:30
Funeral Horse – 9:30
Kin of Ettins – 8:30
Funeral Shroud – 7:30
Gallion – 5:30

Thanks for dropping in!

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