Teutonic epic heavy/doom metal warlords ATLANTEAN KODEX are currently working on their second studio full-length titled “The White Goddess”. First track off the album has already been made available for streaming with footage from the 1973’s movie “The Holy Mountain” by Alejandro Jodorowsky (you can watch it at THIS LOCATION), as the band eye a Winter release via Italy’s Cruz del Sur Music.


The band’s guitarist Manuel Trummer told ZT the album will see Atlantean Kodex turn even more epic than they are now: “We’re really excited about the new material. All in all there won’t be big changes from the sound on ‘The Golden Bough’. But as far as things look, the new album will feature some of the heaviest stuff we’ve ever done. But there’s also a more dominant and epic 1970s heavy rock atmosphere to it. Think of Uriah Heep and Rainbow getting raped by Quorthon while he’s blasting ‘Gloves of Metal’ at full volume on his stereo”.


1. Sol Invictus (With Faith and Fire)
2. Bilwis (Sorcery and Witchcraft in Eastern Bavaria)
3. The Heresiarch (Thousandfaced Moon)
4. Through the Nether Crypts of Mal’kuth (Crown of the Sephirot)
5. Virgin. Mother. Crone (White Goddess unveiled)
6. Sword of Europa (The Ones who stay behind)
7. Tabernacle of the Iron Sun (Chariots)
8. 1705 (From coffinless Graves)
9. Enthroned in Clouds and Fire (The great Cleansing)
10. The Poetry of Kingship (Damokles)

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