Finnish black metal masters Archgoat have announced the release date for their upcoming mini-album, along with cover-art and tracklisting.


“Summoned at the Temple of the Black Moon between the 7th and the 9th of July 2011, “Heavenly Vulva (Christ’s Last Rites)” features six trademark God-slaying tracks torn directly from the Virgin’s violated womb.”


As per usual, artwork is handled by the one and only Chris Moyen.


Tracklisting as follows:

1 – Intro
2 – Blessed Vulva
3 – Penetrator Of The Second Temple
4 – Goddess Of The Abyss Of Graves
5 – Day Of Clouds
6 – Passage To Millennial Darkness


The album will be out in MCD and 12″ MLP formats on the 14th of October (18th in North America) via Debemur Morti Productions.

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