Amebix to record new album…

Legendary British punk rock act Amebix are set to record a new album this winter, the first since 1987’s Monolith. A rough mix of the album was shared with punk magazine Profane Existence with rumours pointing to a November recording session. Speaking exclusively to ZT, founder and frontman Rob “The Baron” Miller said writing for the album was nearing completion: “I think people are going to be pretty suprised at how good this material is, and it is still identifiably Amebix without doubt. I’m very keen to get things rolling, but we are at the mercy of the Gods of opportunity.” Amebix are widely seen as the pioneers of crust, an ungodly mix of extreme metal and hardcore punk. Though the band deny connection to any scene or movement, they remain one of Britain’s most influential underground music acts.  Re-recordings of three of their classic tracks (including ‘Arise) were released this year via a new CD/LP entitled Redux. For more information visit

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