Advent Of Bedlam: Q&A

Band name: Advent of Bedlam
Formed: 2000
Origin: Costa Rica
Current release: Behold The Chaos
ZT covermount issue 036: Track 005 | Stench Of Your Faith

Who are you and what hole did you crawl from?
We are a Death Metal band based in Hell-redia, Costa Rica. For 9 years we were known as December’s Cold Winter, but changed our name on December 2009 to Advent of Bedlam as we were looking for something that could represent the band musically and lyrically. Advent of Bedlam can be described as the arrival of all the chaos and disorder, so it matches perfectly what our music and lyrics stand for! AoB is: Isak (guitars), Fabian (bass), Max (guitars), Alex (drums) and Roy (vocals).

What’s that noise?
We were a melodic black/deathmMetal band when we released our first album Decaying Recollections in 2005, where you’ll find that the keyboards were the main instrument.  On our second album, Ablaze All Shrines in 2008, the keyboards were removed and our music was much more brutal however melodic. For this new album (Behold The Chaos – 2010) I think we still have some few melodic elements, but our sound is far more brutal and faster than ever. The new members in this album, Roy and Alex, did an amazing job and helped the band to a new level! AoB’s lyrics are about how priests, politicians and the media have made people believe the lies of others, and helped them forge an empire ruled by the few. All of us have something called a brain: we must think and make decisions based on our own criteria, not anyone else’s.

What separates you from all the others?

We have had the chance to play alongside Behemoth, Amon Amarth, Sepultura, Dismember, Fear Factory and have self-released our last two albums. We have also been on tour, so we are aware how hard this business is. There’s competence everywhere, but I think the main secret is to focus on what you can and always do it better! We have been playing for a while now, so it is very hard to identify specific musical influence, but I would say we have a little bit of Pantera, Hate Eternal, Sepultura, Dark Tranquillity, Behemoth and a lot of other stuff we like!

You’re on the ZT covermount CD this issue… What does your track represent about you?

We thought The Stench of Your Faith was the perfect song as it has everything: it’s aggressive, fast and dynamic; it makes you headbang from the beginning to the end! It’s a good preview of what you can find on our Behold the Chaos album.

Is your recording a DIY affair, or did you take it to a pro?
Right now we are 100% DIY. In Costa Rica it is very difficult to find people that can understand and share what we are looking for and help the band to reach its goals, so we decided to do everything ourselves. We have our own Studio (Cavan Studio). We look for promoters and gigs, we carry our PA when it’s needed, we contract our designers, and we contact each ‘zine, radio station and promoter… We are a DIY band.

Describe your live rituals. Any dates coming up?

We love it! We have a Central American Tour this September, then a Costa Rican Tour and right now we are negotiating South American and European dates for 2011.

What’s your purpose? What’s new?
We want to Tour Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia… We want to show our music to as many metalheads as we can!

Where can we find more?
Please visit our official website, there you can find more info and links to our facebook, myspace and twitter accounts! You can also look for the album in blogs, I’m sure you can download it from different sources! If you like it, please support us and buy any of our albums!

Thanks for dropping in!

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