A Distant Sun: Q&A

Band name: A Distant Sun
Formed: 2004
Origin: Dublin
Current release / demo: “VI MMIX – The Mourning of the Idol”

ZT covermount issue 036: Track 015 | The Burden Of Silence
url: www.myspace.com/adistantsun

Who are you and what hole did you crawl from?
We’re A Distant Sun, from Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Our name is symbolic of the fall of Paganism, a light that used to shine brightly and gloriously but is now muted and dying. The band is Colin Byrne on Vocals, Dave Gibson and Owen Ryan Hanbury on Guitars, Barry Davey on Bass and Felipe Roquini on Drums. Felipe is from Sao Paulo and was involved in some local Black Metal projects there.

What’s that noise?
We’re a Blackened Death Metal band that draws influences from bands like Agalloch, Dissection and Gorgoroth. We’ve been writing traditional black metal for several years now and things have been taking a more melodic edge lately, in the vein of Unanimated and Necrophobic. Lyrically, A Distant Sun discusses the fall of Paganism in Ireland and worldwide, the trials and challenges facing those that still hold fast to the old beliefs in a modern world, beneath the boot of Christianity.

What separates you from all the others?

We have always done things our way. We differ from our contemporaries by setting ourselves apart from them, socially and musically. Our music is influenced by the challenges facing those that choose to walk a different path, away from Christianity and the tyranny and decay of organised religion –  man’s struggle to discover and ultimately follow his own path, not that laid out for him by a rotting and corrupt church.

You’re on the ZT covermount CD this issue… What does your track represent about you?
“The Burden of Silence”, found on our demo “VI MMIX – The Mourning of the Idol” is a brooding, atmospheric traditional Black Metal tune. Lyrically the song is about the final days of Paganism and the destruction of nature’s beauty through industrialisation.

Is your recording a DIY affair, or did you take it to a pro?

“VI MMIX – The Mourning of the Idol” is a completely self recorded demo. It was recorded and mixed in parts, over two months in the band’s own rehearsal space in Dublin. The new demo, being recorded in RTÉ in Dublin (Irish National Broadcaster) will see A Distant Sun handing over a small part of the  recording process to one or two other skilled friends while the band concentrates on the development of the songs.

Describe your live rituals. Any dates coming up?
We are renowned intimidating live performances, with frontman Colin Byrne frequently engaging the audience at their own level. We’ve supported acts such as Anata, Thyrfing, Primordial, Mourning Beloveth, Desaster and Moonsorrow. A Distant Sun are planning a UK Tour for the Guy Fawkes weekend. You can find more details on the band’s myspace page, www.myspace.com/adistantsun

What’s your Purpose? What’s new?

A Distant Sun are currently doing pre production for four new songs for an upcoming EP which will, more than likely, be available to buy from the band on their upcoming UK Tour.

Where can we find more?

Visit the band’s myspace page, email the band at adistantsun@gmail.com or come and see us on our UK tour. Details to follow.

Thanks for dropping in!

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