Victorian Black Metal Englishmen A Forest Of Stars begin the recording process of their follow-up to A Shadowplay For Yesterdays.


Only one year has passed since this gentlemen’s club bestowed one of their most excellent crafts to date upon us. The Leeds collective announced via facebook the beginning of the recordings of their forth full-length album due on 2014.


The group has made the following remark regarding their entrance in the coven: “Greetings! This morning we re-enter the Trans-Dimensional Multi-Studio to start recording our new album. Hopefully we shall claw our way out sometime in January, bleary-eyed, malnourished and unshaven (well, expect Katheryne, who’s a ghost, Mr Kettleburner, who’s a reanimated corpse and Mr Bishop, who’s too young to shave yet). Or we may just remain trapped in that feverish, hellish dimension of Sonic Baffling forever and ever…”


A Shadowplay For Yesterdays is released via Prophecy / Lupus Lounge and can be purchased here.

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