Perpetual ConversionHandshake Inc. is publishing a tribute book to Danny Lilker, Perpetual Conversion: 30 Years & Counting In The Life Of Metal Veteran Dan Lilker.


Perpetual Conversion is written by Dave Hofer and celebrates Danny Lilker’s offerings to the world of music: both what he created and what he inspired. The press-release reads: “Compiled from all-new interviews with not only Lilker but also his family and friends—including past and present band members—Perpetual Conversion progresses chronologically through all of his groundbreaking bands—Anthrax, SOD, Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth, Hemlock—in addition to stopping for a look at his lesser-known projects along the way, including Extra Hot Sauce, The Ravenous, Malformed Earthborn and Overlord Exterminator.


With all-original contributions from the likes of Craig Setari, Barney Greenway, Dave Witte, Ross Dolan, John Connelly, Scott Ian, Gene Hoglan, Kevin Sharp, Anders Odden, Rich Hoak, Digby Pearson, Jason Fuller, Fenriz, Chris Reifert, Necro, Dave Ellefson and Jacob Bannon among many others, Perpetual Conversion focuses not only on Lilker’s prolific career, but on the many he’s influenced along the way.”


Dan Lilker is retiring from the labours of touring in mid-October. This biography is a decoration that fits a veteran!

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