Singapore is a clean place, the streets are clean and the atmosphere is secure. When Kyng Hades Almighty (vocals) and Armaros (guitar, bass, drums), the founding members of Bathory/Darkthrone influenced black metal band Zushakon, decided to bring their “sick and twisted” blackened death metal to what they called the “safe and sterile” music scene of Singapore, someone in a Government office started crying.  And now they’re about to release their first full-length album.

The self-titled debut will be available digitally through Sonic Blast Media on January 13th 2013. When Armaros left the band in 2011, the band was put on indefinite hiatus; however, thanks to the addition of Lord Kathir (also of Rudra), they are back and ready to conquer.  The actual new material on their debut is limited, it is a remaster of the band’s first two EPs, 2007’s ‘Chaosphist’ and 2008’s ‘World Ablaze’, but the old stuff is awesome, so can’t complain.

Record label Sonic Blast Media said this about Zushakon: “Having Zushakon on board is a dream come true … We have always liked their music and their attitude; and welcome them in our roster. Zushakon brings back the sound of all the great ‘old-school’ black/ death metal bands like Mayhem and Bathory. This album (‘Zushakon’) is a blueprint of where black/death metal has been and where it is heading to.”

Check them out on YouTube.

Picture credit: Metal-Archives 

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